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Obviously, your teachers are really interested in their subjects or they wouldn't have decided to teach them! Showing the teacher that you care — even if you're not a math whiz or fluent in French — sends the message that you are a dedicated student. You can also schedule a private conference during a teacher's free period.

Use this time to get extra help, ask questions, inquire about a career in the subject, or talk about your progress in class. You may be surprised to learn that your teacher is a bit more relaxed one-on-one than when lecturing in front of the whole class. It is possible to try too hard, though. Here are some things to avoid when trying to establish a relationship with your teacher:. If you're having problems with a teacher, try to figure out why.

Do you dislike the subject? Or do you like the subject but just can't warm up to the teacher? If you don't like the subject being taught, it can affect your relationship with the teacher. Some students say it helps them to think of classes that seem like chores as stepping stones toward a bigger goal, like getting a diploma or going on to college. This allows students to keep the class in perspective. Other students say they try to find the practical value in classes they don't like.

Getting Along With Teachers

You may hate math, but learning how to calculate averages and percentages can help you in everything from sports to leaving a tip. If you find a subject hard, talk to your teacher or a parent about extra tutoring. If you find it boring, talk to your teacher or another favorite teacher, friend, or parent about ways to see the subject in a different light. Ian constantly fell asleep in his sophomore history class because the past seemed so removed from reality. But things changed when he mentioned his struggle over a project to his homeroom teacher.

The teacher suggested Ian use his great-grandfather's letters in his project. Not only did Ian get an A, he also learned a lot about a family member he barely remembered from childhood.

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What if you just don't like the teacher? When it comes to working with teachers, personality can come into play just as it can in any relationship. People naturally just get along better with some people than with others — it's impossible to like everyone all the time.

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Learning to work with people you don't connect with easily is a good skill to have in life, no matter what your goals are. If you feel at odds with your teacher, pick your battles carefully. Questioning a grade or asking to retake a test once is fine. But second-guessing a teacher's judgment on your grades all the time may annoy him or her.

11 Simple Rules For Getting Along With Others | Phil McKinney - Innovation Mentor and Coach

Constantly squabbling over a few points on every assignment can cause friction in your relationship. Common courtesy and respect are basic building blocks of any relationship. Just as teachers need to be fair and treat everyone equally, students have responsibilities, too. You don't have to like your teacher or agree with what he or she says, but it is necessary to be polite. If you need to be out of school for medical or other reasons, let your teacher know.

I recently moved back to Mississippi after living in Virginia for five years. Let me tell you, never have I ever felt so silenced and isolated regarding my values and beliefs in both locations.

The Fight: Read-along Story about Getting Along, Social Skills: Read Aloud Stories for Kids

During my stint in Virginia, I often felt silenced because I leaned toward more, conservative viewpoints in comparison to those around me. For the last five to ten years, I have found myself in what feels like a discouraging, lose-lose situation. Will I be heard? Will I get made fun of or be disrespected? Will anyone care? As I have processed these experiences, I am learning many of us have these fears and insecurities. With the skills I have learned and developed in the counseling profession, we hope to help you, in practical ways, find connection, security, and even safety amidst the murky waters of disagreements.

We are sharing something important to us to with another person; there is an element of exposure. This makes us vulnerable and susceptible to rejection. Often in the face of rejection, we seek belonging, connection, and being known.

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We want to find a place where we belong and have common ground with others. We want to connect with those around us. When encountering someone who opposes issues of value and importance to us, it can feel like a dismissal of who we are; what makes you, you.

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  • Disagreements can be hard and sometimes scary..

Lastly, we find ourselves wanting to be known. When disagreeing with others, it can feel as though we are misunderstood. This can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. Naturally, we tend to shut down or be defensive in efforts to protect ourselves. So how do we find things like safety and security amidst disagreeing with others? I have one word for you here:. However, I encourage you to view listening as an avenue through which belonging and connection can be achieved.