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Relationships need a strong foundation, excellent support, and continuous care to make The way children relate to their parents can significantly affect their future relationships with other people. Is your marriage, courtship or other relationship stuck in a rut?

Wondering how you can change this? Do you need to find out more about the guy or lady you just met? If you have answered yes to any of these then you need to ask some questions Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube.

Heal Your Relationship From the Inside Out with Self Compassion

Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. By Rania Naim Updated August 25, Shop Catalog. Writing makes me feel alive. Ruby is also associated with romantic love, passion, and stamina. In fact, ruby is a stone of the root chakra and promotes sensual energy and desire.

It can help to intensify and deepen the relationship between you and your partner and is also regarded as a wedding stone in some cultures. Want to continue to retain a bond with that special someone? Amazonite can help. A stone of the throat and heart chakra, amazonite will help you communicate openly and clearly , in a safe and loving space, allowing both partners to freely voice out their thoughts, and release emotional baggage that can come in the way of a relationship moving forward.

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Wearing amazonite or adding it to your space will help to balance out conflicting emotional energy and aid in expression and communication, even over delicate matters. If you're looking to repair an existing relationship, amazonite can help you and partner see both sides to the story, alleviating fear and judgment, while maintaining love and respect.

A stone of communication , lapis lazuli is a stone used for centuries by civilizations all over the world and was, in fact, a stone used to honor the Roman Goddess of love, Venus, for over five thousand years. Lapis lazuli is an excellent stone to wear to enhance and fortify your relationships. Lapis can help in confident communication, active listening , and rouse empathy at the same time, which is important to strengthen and maintain any meaningful relationship.

It brings positivity and loyalty, and builds commitment in all kinds of relationships, romantic or platonic. If you want to build a relationship on a foundation of collaboration and acceptance , then turquoise is the stone for you. Turquoise encourages you to stay calm and composed when things get heated, so you can focus on solving the problem and even reach a compromise when required.

It helps you to voice out your thoughts clearly, while also respecting the other person's opinion, encouraging openness and acceptance, which is important in any relationship to stand the test of time. Each person has both male and female energy. Moonstone, a stone of fertility , exudes a protective feminine energy , that helps to balance emotions, and keeps you calm under over-whelming situations, which helps to maintain stable relationships.

Moonstone can also help you come to terms with emotional patterns, so you can identify them and make amendments to support your relationship. It is also known to exude a warm and loving vibration and opens up the heart to acceptance. It keeps your emotions in check so you don't over-react when you don't need to, and enables you to stay calm in stressful situations, helping to support a healthy relationship.

Yellow Jasper is all about collaborating and coming together. It teaches us the importance of honesty and gives us the courage needed to make changes and transform our thinking to solve problems together , enabling us to strengthen and heal relationships.

Overcoming Codependency: Reclaiming Yourself in Relationships

When relationships can get over-complicated and confusing, yellow jasper is great for finding clarity and helping you understand your own emotions and feelings. Wearing yellow jasper can teach you to make sense of things, enabling you to make better decisions around the relationships in your life.

Are you in a healing relationship?

Trying to rebuild trust in your current relationship? Jade is an excellent love crystal to reignite love in a relationship or attract new love. When the fire in a relationship has gone down, and the connection seems to have become old and non-existent, jade, one of the most popular stones in Asian culture , is an excellent stone to use. Jade carries the vibrations of new love and can bring this energy to renew an old relationship to make it new again.

Place jade carvings in your surroundings and wear jade jewelry to bring luck, help promote trust, and strengthen love in a relationship. A stone of divine love , this peachy pink stone helps to activate and cleanse the heart chakra. A high vibrational love stone , Morganite helps connect you to the realm of universal love and lightens any emotional load burdening your heart.

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It helps attract new love and abundance and supports you in your journey to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Morganite also empowers you to be more receptive, which can translate into dealing with difficult situations with more love and empathy. Wear morganite to feel peace, unconditional universal love, invite new love, or rekindle and renew old love.

You may be wondering how hematite got on the crystals for love list, as it is a root chakra stone, and does not really exude a warm and loving vibration like most love stones do.

How Healing Your Self-Concept Can Heal Your Couple Relationship

Well, that's exactly why it's on this list — love, and dating is anything but easy , in fact, it can get out-and-out tiring. If you're putting yourself out there ready to find new love, you'll need a stone that will give you strength, resiliency, security, and courage.

639Hz - Harmonize Relationships: Attracts Love and Positive Energy - Heal Old Negative Energy & Pain

That's exactly what hematite does. Wearing hematite will give you the extra push and strength you need to maintain your sense of stability when you're ready to start looking for new love. If you want to attract new love into your life, this stone of luck will give you the boost of confidence you need to get out there and go after what you want in life. Also known as the ultimate stone of abundance , you can harness the abundant energy of green aventurine to bring success, wealth and abundance in every area of your life, including love and romance. A heart chakra stone, green aventurine will help you endure the ups and downs of a new relationship , and will be at your side to help strengthen it to maturity.

Just as this stone has multiple layers of pink and white, it allows you to go to different layers within yourself. It helps to penetrate each of your layers in a soft and gentle way and shows you that although nothing is perfect and we all have issues to deal with, we all deserve love and happiness and that the only way to attract love is to first appreciate and love yourself. A stone of the heart chakra, wear or carry rhodochrosite to help to surface repressed feelings and emotions, allowing yourself to recognize and release this energy, aiding in self-healing and bringing back self-confidence.

As a love stone, rhodochrosite works for relationships of all kinds — romance, marriage, family, friends and more. Are you always putting yourself down? If you're a constant negative self-talker and can't seem to overcome your self-doubt , especially when it comes to deserving true love, wearing a kunzite pendant or carrying it on you, can help to open up your heart chakra and change your own perspective about yourself.

Kunzite can help lift feelings of inferiority and bring calm, gently empowering you to find compassion, harmony and inner peace in your life, to see yourself in a new light, which will help you to attract and find true love. The ultimate stone of success and confidence, citrine does not immediately identify as a love crystal, but its high vibrational positive energy empowers you with the self-confidence and compassion you need to get a deeper appreciation of yourself and accept yourself to feel worthy of love.

Wear citrine as jewelry, or carry it on you to promote self-esteem, bring joy and increase your self-worth. Once you learn to love and truly appreciate yourself, you'll be able to open yourself up to receive love. Are you feeling disconnected from everything around you?

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One of the main obstacles to self-worth and acceptance is not knowing which path you're on. If you're feeling unsure about yourself, and are lacking vision, amethyst can help bring much-needed clarity in your life. Place a piece of amethyst on the third eye, between the eyebrows or simply hold it in your hand or meditate with it with the intent to find your purpose and seek clarity. Wearing amethyst will help to activate the heart, and calm the mind. More clarity will bring with it self-healing and contentment, which will, in turn, allow you to feel self-love and accept yourself for who you are.

Sometimes all you need is the right kind of energy to swirl in and help to clear away upsetting memories so you can love again. Malachite, is a beautiful green stone, that helps to steer away heartache and balance your heart chakra.