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The band filtered in sheepishly, and it hit her. They looked the part, too, with their long manes, scruffy facial hair, slim-fitting clothes and lean, buff physiques — lugging heavy equipment around all the time surely helped with that. Angie had always had a huge weak spot for long-haired rockers, and in a flash, inspiration struck. She grinned evilly, and her pierced nipples instantly hardened, contained only by a tight black tank top with no bra.

Angie, like any fangirl, really thought he was the hottest one with his waist-long, wavy light brown hair and lightly muscled arms. From the looks of him, all that singing had bestowed him with a great set of washboard abs. It was even easy to see a fair resemblance to a young Robert Plant.

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Angie was really enjoying how uncomfortable and embarrassed they looked. Her pussy throbbed and she could feel her juices flowing. She always wanted to make guys like that into crying little bitches, and she found it especially exciting when they were taller and had longer hair than her. She noticed Rae hanging back, just outside of the office door.

Angie had a feeling that the lesbian would be more than happy to take advantage of the delicious situation that had dropped itself so nicely into their laps. Rae closed the door and, using her key since there was no latch, quietly locked it behind her. Drummer boy turned angrily on his heel and tried to open the door.

Finding it locked, he fumbled for a second before discovering there was no lock button or latch, just a keyhole. This revelation was met with even louder protests and curses. A sadist at heart, this turned Angie on even more. It made what she had in mind all the sweeter. Rae, a natural exhibitionist, took her cue. They kissed softly, delicately, with just the slightest hint of tongue. Rae gasped with pleasure and rode her with gusto, and from the way her body twitched, Ang could tell that it was hitting just the right spot.

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Can Beth complete her steamy assignment before her spank-happy Mistress gets too impatient? Contains BDSM, lesbian dominatrixes, humiliation, spanking, and strap-ons.

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At 6, words, this ubersexy story will leave you steamy and moaning for more. Not for the faint of heart! My whole world was you as you grabbed me roughly by my hair and hotly kissed me with brazen passion, your tongue stabbing my mouth, your hands skimming greedily down my silk-clad curves.

She stood there in the hall, a smug, knowing smirk on her beautiful face. Her chestnut curls cascaded down her body, brushing the sides of her breasts, encased in a tightly laced corset. Her legs and hips looked absolutely poured into shiny latex leggings. She kept her eyes on me as she strode past me into my apartment, grabbing me by my wrist as she went, dragging me in and slamming the door.

Theirs to Take by Natasha Knight

I felt my cheeks grow hot again as she boldly groped me, right there in front of you! I was quivering with desire, humiliation, and shock. The night could have ended like that and I could die happy, but you, you had so much more in store for me. My God, you take my breath away, Mistress. You ordered me to sit on the couch, and you poured wine into the three glasses I just noticed were already placed there. I realized with a start that you must have snuck in when I was in the shower and set all this up without me hearing!

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My panties were sopping, and as I sat upright with perfect posture, I squeezed my thighs together tightly. You pushed a wine glass into my hand and ordered me to drink. Standing over me like that, both of you dressed to kill, I felt like I was being judged by two sky-high goddesses, and I quivered with a mixture of fear and desire. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I finished my wine. You both sat down next to me, and my nipples hardened instantly as the two of you inched closer towards me on the couch.

You grabbed my hands tightly behind my back while her hands deftly unbuttoned my tight silk blouse.

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My pulse was racing and I let out a half-moan, half-whimper. It made the two of you stare at me with devious smiles, a pair of cats about to devour spilled cream. I shuddered with excitement, my pierced nipples like granite pebbles rubbing against the silk lining of my pretty bra. I felt helpless, small, and utterly aroused with you behind me, biting and licking my neck, and her in front of me, roughly pinching my nipples through my bra. Your hands skated down my curves, enjoying my softness, pulling me against you between your long, smooth legs.

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She turned my face to the side with one hand, pulled your head in close with the other, and the three of us shared a long, luscious three-way kiss. My first, and I knew instantly I wanted many more! Tongues intertwining, breaths mingling; I love being caught in between two amazingly sexy women taking what they want from me, compelling my obeisance, giving me pain or pleasure at a whim. I had already long since soaked my panties through, and I knew you knew it. As the kiss continued, I felt your hands skimming lower over my tight miniskirt, teasing me, while she caressed and pinched my breasts.

The two of you seemed to be on the same wavelength, in silent communication, a meeting of glances and of minds and of lusts, intent on my total seduction and subjugation. I felt your hand slipping into the leg of my tiny lace panties, sampling my sweet moisture, and then you brought it up for the three of us to lap off your fingers like honey.

She broke the kiss and stood up in front of the couch. You smiled, placed your hand on the back of my neck and pushed me to the floor on my knees, hands still bound behind my back, my hot cunt sopping wet, and panting for more.

Night Owl Romance

Your hand rested there, gentle yet iron-firm. She slowly peeled off her leggings, posing seductively as she did so. Then she slipped off her silky soaked g-string, put one foot up on your thigh. Read more My Double-Dyke Domination! Rachelle is a beautiful ex-model now working on top-secret government technology.

What will happen when she first sees her clone and finds that she is far more dominant than the original? This 12,word erotic novelette is intended for adults only. It contains first-time lesbian sex, fisting, squirting, oral sex, anal, cock-sucking, bisexuality, BDSM, bondage, threesome sex, menage, and more!

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Not for the closed-minded! Read a steamy excerpt here! I keep a running file of ideas which I add to as inspiration strikes, as it usually does at random moments such as in the shower, or half-asleep in bed. I thought: how sexy would it be if this gorgeous, intelligent woman had the ability and drive to make a fully formed clone of herself, and the wild possibilities that would open up? So we have beautiful Dr. Rachelle, a workaholic who barely has time for her boyfriend, let alone exploring her curiosity regarding her sexual feelings for women. But here comes this fantastic opportunity to take a plunge into the unknown, possibly paving the way to untold fame and riches due to her discovery.