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It was conceived in when, after several years of study by committees from the Christian Reformed Church and the National Association of Evangelicals, a trans-denominational and international group of scholars met at Palos Heights, Illinois, and agreed on the need for a new translation in contemporary English. Their conclusion was endorsed by a large number of church leaders who met in Chicago in Responsibility for the version was delegated to a self-governing body of fifteen Biblical scholars, the Committee on Bible Translation, and in , the New York Bible Society now International Bible Society generously undertook the financial sponsorship of the project.

The translation of each book was assigned to a team of scholars, and the work was thoroughly reviewed and revised at various stages by three separate committees.

The Committee submitted the developing version to stylistic consultants who made invaluable suggestions. Samples of the translation were tested for clarity and ease ofreading by various groups of people. In short, perhaps no other translation has been made by a more thorough process of review and revision. The Committee held to certain goals for the NIV: that it be an Accurate, Beautiful, Clear, and Dignified translation suitable for public and private reading, teaching, preaching, memorizing, and liturgical use.

The translators were united in their commitment to the authority and infallibility of the Bible as God's Word in written form. They agreed that faithful communication of the meaning of the original writers demands frequent modifications in sentence structure resulting in a "thought-for-thought" translation and constant regard for the contextual meanings of words. In the New Testament was published.

The Committee carefully reviewed suggestions for revisions and adopted a number of them, which they incorporated into the first printing of the entire Bible in Additional changes were made in The New King James Version NKJ Commissioned in by Thomas Nelson Publishers, respected Bible scholars, church leaders, and lay Christians worked for seven years to create a completely new, modern translation of Scripture, yet one that would retain the purity and stylistic beauty of the original King James.

With unyielding faithfulness to the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts, the translatiors applies the most recent research in archaelology, linguistics, and textual studies. Special attention has been given to the rendering of verb tenses to give the English reader a rendering as close as possible to the sense of the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

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In , the text of the NASB was updated for greater understanding and smoother reading. All rights reserved. There has also been Jewish representation in the group responsible for the Old Testament. This translation is meant to replace the Revised Standard Version, and to identify it in context with the many other English language translations available today.

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It has been called "The Rock of Biblical Honesty. While the ASV retains many archaic word forms, it is still more understandable to the modern reader than the KJV in many passages.

While the current consensus is that this Holy Name was more likely pronounced "Yahweh,". The language used is Basic English. Basic English, produced by Mr. Ogden of the Orthological Institute, is a simple form of the English language, which with words, is able to give the sense of anything, which may be said in English. By the addition of 50 Special Bible words and the use of words listed as giving most help in the reading of English verse, this number has been increased to for the purpose of putting the Bible into Basic English.

In this undertaking, the latest ideas and discoveries in connection with the work of putting the Bible into other languages were taken into account, and when the Basic form was complete a Committee formed by the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press reviewed it in detail. The Basic Bible, which in this way was watched over by two separate groups of experts through its different stages, is designed to be used wherever the English language has taken root. Frequently, the narrow limits of the word-list make it hard to keep the Basic completely parallel with the Hebrew and the Greek; but great trouble has been taken with every verse and every line to make certain that there are no errors of sense and no loose wording.

These are English translations of a collation done on his earlier German and French translations.

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Both are posthumous, as John Nelson Darby himself died in The Douay Version is the foundation on which nearly all English Catholic versions are still based. Not a little controversy has arisen as to the form in which this Gospel first. This Gospel is at once the briefest and earliest of the four. Modern research. Yet less. As soon as its branch.

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Three principal dates. It is written in purer Greek than the other Gospels,. This is especially the Gospel of gratuitous and universal salvation. Its integrity has recently been placed beyond dispute.

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It is impossible for me to come. They relate, 1 to the ministry of Christ, and 2 to His person. As to the. This transcendent. Yet whilst the writer never clearly reveals. Be faithful. If the latter was written before the destruction of. But the tendency, in the present day, is to date the Gospel. The familiar title of the book is somewhat unfortunate, for it is manifestly.

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